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    Elena & Stefan Done? Vampire Diaries Recap 4x06 - We All Go A Little Mad


    by ClevverTV

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    Poor Elena just can't seem to catch a break --- in last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries, titled, "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes" Elena's hallucinations escalated even more. She is now seeing Connor everywhere which makes it increasingly more difficult for her to distinguish between her hallucinations and reality. Despite trying to maintain sanity, the hallucinations get the best of her when she accidently stabs Jeremy in the neck after believing that Connor was strangling her. Meanwhile, Klaus reveals that he too went a little crazy after killing some vampire hunters back in the day --- explaining that his hallucinations lasted FIFTY years! And while he wasn't sure what triggered their departure, Damon finds out from Professor Shane that in order to reverse the curse and get Elena's visions to stop --- Jeremy must kill a vampire. In the meantime, Klaus is keeping Elena locked up to prevent her from hurting herself or anyone else --- but when Stefan goes to see her, she mistakes him for Connor and attacks him before fleeing to the bridge. As she stands there, her mom appears and attempts to convince her to kill herself --- leading Elena to remove her sunlight ring and drop it into the water. But not to worry, as usual, Damon comes to the rescue and throws Elena in the water. Overwhelmed with everything that has gone on, when Elena eventually comes to --- she does what we have been dreading --- ends things with Stefan. It's not totally clear yet if this means Delena is a go or if Elena just needs some time to sort things out but we cannot wait to find out what happens next. So what did you guys think of last night's episode? What was the deal with the Professor Shane's history with Connor? Which vampire is Jeremy going to try and kill? And are Tyler and Caroline going to get away with pulling one over on Klaus? Let us know all your thoughts, theories, and predictions in the comments section below and keep checking back to ClevverTV for all your TVD updates!! I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood, thanks for tuning in.

    Hosted by: Joslyn Davis