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    Will Robert Pattinson's Next Movie Be Any Good?


    by ClevverTV

    Has R-pattz been pigeon-holed by the Twi-Saga? Hey Twilight Fans, I'm Joslyn Davis for ClevverTV breaking down Robert Pattinson's future. Will he be able to break the Mark Hamill curse? Ok, so I know what a lot of you are asking right now-"who the heck is Mark Hamill and what does he have to do with Robert Pattinson?" Well back in the day, Hamill played Luke Skywalker in the uber-famous Star Wars Franchise. After that movie-goers were completely unable to see him as anyone else. This became such a huge problem for the actor that apparently he REMOVED the credit from his resume. Other actors like Orlando Bloom, Harrison Ford and Elijah Wood have gone to great lengths to make sure that they can successfully do other roles outside of their big saga films. So will Robert be able to move past Twilight when all is said and done? Or will he always be known as the actor who got super famous playing a vampire and then never did anything else. Well, as far as critics are concerned, the jury is still out. There's a lot riding on his performance in non-Twi-flick "Remember Me," which will hit theaters in February of 2010. So, what do guys think? I know you all love seeing him as Edward but NUBMER ONE-does he have what it takes to convince us in other roles and NUMBER TWO-will you guys, the fans, accept him as someone other than Edward Cullen???? You know the drill, leave a comment and let us know! Thanks for watching ClevverTV-your ultimate hook-up for all things Twilight. I'm Joslyn Davis reminding you that if you want more up to the moment breaking news, subscribe to all of our channels! That does it for us here in Beverly Hills-see you later!