Palestinians celebrate 9/11


by General

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bboyphase is right!!
By tséki 5 years ago
I celebrate with them! Waaaaooooooooooooo!!!!
By tséki 5 years ago

YOU are a FUCKING MORON. I wouldn't normally stoop down to your level, you ignorant, uneducated piece of shit, but I had to chime in. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that about a man who puts his life on the line to make sure you and other morons like you have freedom. Why don't you go to the middle east and see for yourself what barbarians some of these people are. Oh, yeah that's right, I bet you've never even been to the middle east .You are too fucking busy sucking on girl's tits. You make me sick.

As for US_Marine_Hoorah, thank you SO VERY MUCH for your service. Horrah
By tmmyers 6 years ago
Fucking hoaxes. Theses footages were taken on a different event and they were NOT celebrating the 9/11. I never thought how dim witted you are as an american marine! Are all american marines like that? 9/11 was designed by our american governments!!!
By megan 6 years ago