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    Britney Spears Responds to 'Criminal' Controversy


    by ClevverMusic

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    Inside Britney's new controversy! Hi guys, I'm Bridget Daly for ClevverMusic. Brit's new video for Criminal isn't even out yet and she's already offended people by it. Video stills of Brit carrying a hand gun surfaced, and now people think it's a little too soon considering the violent riots that took place in London over the summer. The councilor for the borough of Hackney said in a statement quote (graphic) "I think she should apologize and make a sizeable donation to a Hackney charity that deals with young people, in compensation for the rudeness and damage that she's done to our community. It is only a music video, but it's images like this, with pop stars glamorizing gangs, which means that some young people ... get drawn in."
    UK politicians are also angered Brit filmed with a gun while at the Town Hall, saying that had they known, it wouldn't have been permitted. Brit's camp just responded to all of this saying quote (graphic) "The video is a fantasy story featuring Britney's boyfriend, Jason Trawick, which literally plays out the lyrics of a song written three years before the riots ever happened." So we guess they're not sorry! Gotta say, we kind of agree with Brit on this one. But what do you think? Leave your opinions below in the comments section, and subscribe for more headlines on Britney right here on ClevverMusic. See ya!