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    Sweeny Todd

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    Sweeney Todd (Ray Winstone) is a barber in London who tries to carve out a quiet and simple life. Despite a traumatic childhood, Sweeney goes about his life until his past comes back to haunt him in the form a sadistic jailer (Zoltan Butuc) who tortured Sweeney as a child. The jailer comes in for a shave and quietly is dispatched by Sweeney with the razor. When body parts are found in the river, local magistrate Sir John Fielding (David Warner) orders an investigation. Even with the threat of capture surrounding him, Sweeney Todd is unable to run away from his inner demons and begins a murderous rampage. With the help of Mrs. Lovett, a meat-pie shop owner (Essie Davis) and his loyal apprentice Tobias (Ben Walker) Sweeney disposes of the bodies by having them baked into pies and sold to the local Londoners. But as the police close in, Sweeney cannot be quelled, and his spree begins to threaten the lives of those closest to him.