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    'The Vampire Diaries' - Season 3 'Hybrid' Recap


    by ClevverTV

    105 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! You're back at ClevverTV -- I'm Joslyn Davis and we've got the full recap on last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries. The second episode of season three, which was called "Hybrid," really delved more into where the storyline is headed this season, and a lot of that surrounds Klaus and his motives. As he attempts to grow his hybrid army things do not turn out as planned. Stefan ends up getting bitten by one of the hybrids, which of course could kill him, since they are half wolf. Then in an unforeseen twist, the entire pack they attempt to turn ends up dying. But before that happens, Elena, Alaric and Damon attempt to find Stefan once again. As soon as Elena learns about what' been going on with the hybrids, she forces Alaric and Damon to help her save Stefan. However, when they encounter Ray, the first of the hybrids and Damon go head to head as Elena and Alaric run for their lives. Guess who comes to Damon's rescue? Ah yes, Stefan. Stefan tells Damon that he needs to tell Elena that she has to let him go because he is NEVER coming back. While this sounds pretty tragic, Damon sees it differently. This interaction is proof that Stefan isn't a lost cause because even in his darkest hour of all, he still can't see Damon die. So Damon promises to help Elena save him...but then, in the wildest of all TVD moments -- we see him get all up in her face and say that he will help her but he doesn't want her to forget everything she felt for him when Stefan was gone. And just when you think he'll kiss her...he doesn't. In regards to the rest of our Mystic Falls pals, Caroline is still locked away and long story short, Tyler discovers what his mom has done and then reveals the truth about who he is to her. But it might be too late for Caroline because Mrs. Lockwood has called in the big guns in the vampire slayer world. Guess who the leader is? Oh no biggie, just Caroline's dad. OMG. As for the whole ghost situation -- there is going to be some drama here. Vicki wants Jeremy to help her come back to life, and Anna warns him that he shouldn't' help her. So this could be a ghosty cat fight for sure. But to get back to Klaus -- his hybrid army all dies and he fully freaks out. But he still saves Stefan. Klaus doesn't get why he can't turn more hybrids -- he says he killed a wolf, he killed a vampire and he killed the doppelganger. Little does he know -- he actually didn't succeed in killing the doppelganger. Elena is very much alive and Stefan is well aware of this. So a few questions for you guys. DO you think Elena is developing real feelings for Damon and moreover to do agree with Damon that Stefan can still be saved? Let us know below and don't forget to subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube for on-going coverage of all things vampire. I'm Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching!