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    X CAP: Top 12 Revealed! Diamond White, David Correy Eliminated 'X Factor' Recap 2x13


    by ClevverMusic

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    On last night's 'X Factor' the top 16 were widdled down to just 12, chosen by the judges. So who went home? Here's your X CAP. First, judge Britney Spears looked the best she's looked on the show last night. Now let's get to the elimination. The judges each chose two of their four acts to go immediately through to the next round. The remaining two in each category sang for their life, and then their mentor chose the best performer to stay in the competition.

    First, the Young Adults that went through to the next round, chosen by Demi were: Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas. Cece Frey sang for her life, looking like Kesha again tonight. She sang depressing song, Irene Cara's 'Out Here On My Own' and ended her performance in tears. L.A. thought she did enough to save herself, Britney said last night she had an identity crisis and thought tonight was much better. Willie Jones sang for his life with, 'You Don't Know Me' by Michael Buble and Simon wished he had Willie on his team. Demi chose to send home Willie Jones.

    Next group up was the Over 25's. L.A. chose Vino Alan, and Tate Stevens to go through to the next round. David Correy was first to sing for his life, singing Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" in a slowed down ballad, which we loved! Britney was blown away, while Demi and Simon didn't like it. Jason Brock sang for his life with Whitney Houston's 'One Moment in Time' and showed off his stunning range. Britney said he turned her into a fan with that performance. Simon had a rude comment saying, "You're asking me to judge two horses who are last in the race". He doesn't believe either of them stand a chance in the competition. L.A. chose to send David Correy home and Jason Brock will stay in the competition.

    On Team Britney, she chose Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar. Arin Ray sang Whitney Houston's 'I Look to You'. L.A. and Simon both raved about his performance, and did not want him to leave the show. Diamond White sang a heart wrenching ballad: 'Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word' and Demi was impressed with her emotion. Diamond White was sent home and Arin Ray moves on another week.

    Simon chose trio Emblem 3 and Lyric 145 to move through. Sister C sang for their life with 'When I Look At You' by Miley Cyrus. Britney was "pleasantly surprised" with the performance. 1432 sang Demi's song "Skyscraper" to try to save themselves and Demi thought they did a better job than her! Simon sent home Sister C, saving 1432. But, Simon confessed he hates their new name so he's going to let the public chose it via the X Factor website, so go submit your name!

    Do you think the judge's sent home the right people? Let us know! Thanks for watching ClevverMusic, I'm Misty Kingma and I'll see you next week with another X CAP!