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    Drake Vs. Chris Brown: 'Marvin's Room' Video


    by ClevverMusic

    2 021 views - Click to Subscribe to ClevverMusic! Watch 'Marvin's Room' Video: Listen to Chris Brown's 'Marvin's Room' Remix: Drizzy drops his latest vid, and it's making us feel tipsy! Recap up next! WHat up guys, I'm Bridget Daly for ClevverMusic. Drake just dropped his highly anticipated vid for Marvin's Room today, and the whole concept of the vid is something a lot of people can no doubt relate to. Basically Drake plays the part of a dude who drunk dials his ex girlfriend who has moved on to a guy that he doesnt approve of. Their phone conversations are spliced into the video, with Drake telling her things like 'I'm just saying you could do better." Interestingly enough, Chris Brown also dropped his own remix to the song today, and sings from the perspective of the new guy. Breezy's remix features RichGirl's Seven, Kevin McCall, and J. Valentine. But Breezy promises he's not stirring the pot with his response track, tweeting, "no diss record either for all the slow people out there! just writing from the other perspective!" Drake hasn't responded, but you can make your assessment on what you think about Chris remixing Marvin's Room, and who's version you like better! LInks to both are in our info box below. For more on this story make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I'm Bridget Daly for ClevverMusic, and I'll see ya next time.