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    Tom Hiddleston Talks Loki In 'Thor 2'


    by ClevverMovies

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    Is Loki plunging deeper into the dark side? Tom Hiddleston talks about his character in the upcoming Thor sequel, and Clevver Movies has the story.

    As if efforts to destroy humanity weren't low enough for the bad guy, Hiddleston wants to take the character even lower. He sat down with MTV to discuss the depths of his character and what's in store for him in 'Thor 2'. Hiddleston isn't afraid of taking the character rock bottom. He says,

    "I'd like to see him yield, essentially, to his darkest instincts. Then, having hit rock
    bottom, maybe come back up."

    Hiddleston hopes that the character will go through a full arc of destruction and redemption in the films. If they take a note from the comic books, Loki could even join the good side. Hiddleston states,

    "I think the fascination for me about playing Loki is that, in the history of the mythology
    and the comic books and the Scandinavian myths, is he's constantly dancing on this fault
    line of the dark side and redemption."

    Loki's transformation to good guy would certainly be a new approach for Marvel. Rarely do we see villains long enough to explore their psyche. Are you ready to see Loki in a whole new light? Do you believe he can join sides with The Avengers? Sound off in the comments below. I'm Tatiana Carrier, and you're watching Clevver Movies, the #1 source for movie news.