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    Paramore New Album "Brand New Eyes", Ignorance Video


    by ClevverTV

    Its new music time and today it's all about the power-pop-punk superstars we call Paramore. - Follow Us! Hey guys-Joslyn Davis here with your ClevverTV new music update. Paramore took the music world by storm with their sophomore releases RIOT. Songs like "Misery Business," "Born for This," and of course the Twilight soundtrack hit "Decode," made Paramore a household name. Then of course the band went on tour with bands like Jacks Mannequin and more recently No Doubt, where they played to 15-thousand-person areas every night. So now fans are wondering how this next installment which is called "Brand New Eyes" will compare. The first single, "Ignorance" is already getting some attention-and the band took time to shoot a great performance-based music video for the track. Followers of the group question whether or not this will be RIOT part 2, or something totally fresh. Well, from what we're hearing and seeing of "Ignorance," the band is still giving us the strong rock vibe and Hayley's vocals are as hypnotizing as ever. But this song has a very aggressive, almost angry tone which I don't think we've really heard before. The song comes across as being really confident, and definitely will leave fans wanting more from these guys. According to front woman Hayley Williams, the songs will chronicle the emotional ups and downs of keeping the group intact while dealing with nonstop touring and creative differences. Williams also writes about love and her struggles with her belief in God. Which such mature themes, it's hard to believe that these guys just put high school behind them a few years ago. RIOT put the band in nonstop circulation on MTV and made Paramore one of the most well-known rock groups in the world--- and along with that status came the good and bad aspects of celebrity. But these guys seem to be laying low-despite the fact that Hayley Williams is rumored to be pregnant ONCE again. Her response is priceless. She tells people, "Yeah, just call me octomom." So, have you guys had a listen to any of the tracks? Is "Brand New Eyes" living up to its name and delivering something new? If you want to see Paramore for yourselves, buy your tickets for their fall tour right now! After the super-sized No Doubt tour, Paramore will be playing much smaller, intimate venues, which of course means tickets will see out fast! And make sure to pick up "Brand New Eyes" when it drops on September 29th. Thanks for watching our ClevverTV new music update. I'm Joslyn Davis-stick with us for all the latest in the world of entertainment.