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    Michael Shannon Confirms "General Zod" Motion Capture In 'Man of Steel'


    by ClevverMovies

    111 views - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hey everyone, thanks for tuning back into clevver movies, Im your host, Tatiana carrier and ive got the latest on Man of Steal. Just a few weeks ago we reported on a someone, who we THOUGHT was Michal Shannon who plays General Zod in the flick, in a motion capture suit and now we have confirmation that it was infact him! So does this mean tha General Zod's costume would be CGI? Because the photos were taken from behind, it was difficult to tell for sure if they were actually of Shannon or someone else, but during an interview with Moviefone to discuss the new film 'Take Shelter,' Shannon confirmed that, yes, it was him in the stop motion suit. And, that yes, Zod's costume will be at least partially CGI. And Shannon definitely had his opionions about the tightly fitting, not so flattering, CGI gear: He said, "it's one of the most humiliating garments that exists in the known universe, yes. It's very tight. It has a variety of different colors and shapes on it and it makes you feel like you're the court jester." He also went on to explain that apparently Zach Snyder whos directing the flick promised Shannon that he would not havce to wear one of those quote, "silly suits."...well its looking like Snyder went back on his word and we have proof! Regardless of how awkward Shannon felt, we are pretty sure the CGI effects will be for the best and we cant wait to see how his character, general zod turns out! Man of Steel hits the silver screen June 14, 2013! What do you guys think about the latest CGI development? You think it will make shannons costume better or worse? Let us know by commenting below and make sure you keep it locked right here on clevver movies for all your man of steel news!