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    Pretty Little Liars Says Goodbye to Mr. Fitz


    by ClevverTV

    120 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Tonight Pretty Little Liars says goodbye to Mr. Fitz and hello to someone else. ClevverTV has the answer up next. Hello all you PLL fans out there. I'm your girl Joslyn Davis and you're back at ClevverTV. Tonight's episode of the show over on ABC Family is appropriately titled "The Goodbye Look," and in a new clip just released, we see Mr. Fitz, aka Aria's ex-boyfriend, saying goodbye to his students in a way so passionate and emotional, that it's completely clear that his words are for Aria and Aria alone. In the monologue, Mr. Fitz quotes Joseph Campbell, saying "You must give up the life you have, in order to have the life that is waiting for you." Then he adds that he, and I quote, "didn't know what that meant until he met you." Obviously the you he's talking about is Aria. Mr. Fitz will be leaving his high school job as and while we'll be saying goodbye to him as Aria's teacher, we will be saying hello to him as Ezra. Ian Harding recently revealed that in season 2, Ezra "will really have to redefine his relationship with Aria and there's a whole new dynamic that has to come in." So while we'll be saying farewell to Mr. Fitz, we'll be saying hello to an all-new and redefined Ezra. We'll have a link to our ClevverTV blog below -- and you can head there to check out the new clip and the interview with Ian Harding. Let us know what you're expecting for the future of Ezria -- aka Ezra and Aria -- in the comments section. For non-stop PLL updates, head over to and hit the like button. I'm Joslyn Davis, see you next time!