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    New TVD Clip -- Klaus Is Running The Show


    by ClevverTV

    TVD 'The Birthday' Preview: - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hello Vampire Diaries fans -- tonight is finally the night that the CW hit show returns to the CW and boy oh boy do we have a treat for you guys right now on ClevverTV. I'm your host Joslyn Davis and thanks to an exclusive from the Hollywood Reporter, we're getting a look at a clip featuring TVD's executive producer Julie Plec, spilling a ton of new details on today's episode, which is called "The Birthday." Julie explains that the show picks up a few months after the finale from season 2, and at the start we see Elena and totally naked Damon, talking about their hunt for Stefan. Elena has been, as Julie explains, "diligently searching for him," and she doesn't think Damon has been looking hard enough. Little does Elena know though, that Damon has been looking quite hard. In this first episode back, Damon and Alaric will come in direct contact with the goings on of Stefan and Klaus, and it will quickly become apparently that Klaus is totally running that show. Aside from this situation, Jeremy has a dilemma and a secret all his own. We will in fact be seeing the vampire ghosts of Vicki and Anna, and Jeremy will finally confide in someone about what's been going on. Who that person will be, well Julie Plec says that this person will be very unexpected. Also unexpected is what looks to be a brooding romance between vampire Caroline and werewolf Tyler, both of whom deny anything is happening, but let's face, something is totally going on here. Julie Plec adds that overall there's going to be a lot of sexual tension, and that it's "summer and it's hot outside, so you never know what's going to go on there." If you want to take a look at this video to get pumped for tonight's CW premiere of TVD season 3, click the link below to the ClevverTV blog. Thanks for watching the show guys I'm Joslyn Davis, have a great day!