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    Gleecap: Rachel Gets Prom Queen?


    by ClevverMusic

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    Prom-fever has taken over the Glee club and you're not gonna believe who get crowned Prom Queen! Hey guys, you're watching ClevverMusic and we've got your Gleecap covered. On last night's Prom-themed episode, Rachel has accepted that since her NYADA dreams are over, she will focus on her smaller dreams: marriage, winning Nationals, and Prom.

    Becky also has Prom-fever, and dreams of being crowned Prom Queen. Meanwhile, Student Council President Brittany decides Prom's theme will be... Dinosaurs! Sue announces the nominees for Prom court, which includes Santana and Quinn up for Prom Queen, with Finn and Brittany among the nominees for Prom King... um what?

    Good news for all Glee club members! Mr. Schu announces they will be performing at Prom (again) this year, and Brittany announces hair gel will be banned from the dance.

    Rachel gets her weekly lashing-out-at-Finn-on after seeing Finn campaigning for Prom King and Queen with ex-girlfriend, Quinn. Finn's just trying to be a good guy and support Quinn since she is after all still in a wheel chair. Rachel does a rendition of Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" and plans an anti-prom party with Blaine and Kurt who are also on the sad train.

    Prom night finally arrives, Brittany starts it off by singing Kesha's "Dinosaurs" song , the Glee club girls sing Selena Gomez's "Love You Like A Lovesong," and the boys rebuttle by doing a rendition of One Direction's, "What Makes You Beautiful."

    Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine realize their anti-prom party is lame and Finn comes to Rachel's rescue and brings her to Prom. Puck and Becky make the most out of their anti-prom party by donning themselves the Anti-Prom King and Queen, so Becky gets her dream after-all.

    Santana and Quinn are stuck counting the votes for the Prom Court and both decide they should not win, and decide to do the right thing. In a shocking ending, Principal Figgins announces Rachel and Prom Queen, and Finn as Prom King... awwwww! During their dance as King and Queen, Quinn sings Berlin's, "Take My Breath Away," and shows everyone she can walk again! Are you glad Rachel won Prom Queen? Tell us down in the comments, and subscribe to ClevverMusic for more Glee news. See ya!