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    Lucas Till: What does he look for in a girlfriend?


    by ClevverTV

    220 views - Follow Us! Listen up ladies-If you're hoping for a chance with Lucas Till then you'll want to grab your notepad and take notes-we'll tell you what he's NOT looking for in a girlfriend up next. Hey guy-I'm Joslyn Davis in the heart of Beverly Hills at our ClevverTV studio. Lucas Till first made a splash when he appeared alongside Miley Cyrus in "Hannah Montana: The Movie." He's since gone on to appear in a Taylor Swift music video, and his latest project is "The Spy Next Door" with the legendary Jackie Chan. But with Valentine's Day, just around the corner, even Lucas is thinking about his dream girl. So, who is his number one when it comes to crushing big-time? Lucas says it's Rachel McAdams because, in his words of course, "she's smokin' hot. [And] even if she was not a looker," he just loves her talent. And about what he absolutely will not put up with-Lucas says it's taking personal cell phone calls during a date. As soon as a girl does this, he says "it's done." Lucas Till has a bright career ahead of him with a doubt, but who do you think would make a good love match for the talented star? Hit the comments section to weigh in. I'm Joslyn Davis-thanks for watching ClevverTV. See you next time.