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    Karmin Rock The Ellen DeGeneres Show


    by ClevverTV

    655 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! YouTube's hottest musical duo, Karmin got the invite of a lifetime -- to perform on Ellen Degeneres' day time talk show. ClevverTV has the full break-down coming up right now. Hey guys, I'm Joslyn Davis for ClevverTV with a story that has taken our entire studio by storm over the last week. Thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube, we had the pleasure of getting completely hooked on an amazing musical duo called Karmin. We brought you a story on the twosome last week and would you believe it -- Ellen Degeneres clearly loves Karmin, as well. Because get this guys, yesterday she showed one of their YouTube vids on her show, basically asking them to please come on the following day. And would you believe it, today the duo performed on the Ellen Show -- this is huge for Karmin - the duo hails from Boston and had the chance to play several songs -- they did their amazing renditions of "Price Tag" and "Look at Me Now," but we really loved to see and hear was an original track called "On Your Side." So yes, not only does Karmin do covers, they also have self-created music too. Of course Ellen chatted it up with the duo, who are actually engaged which is so cute and makes us love them even more. In a funny twist, Amy and Nick actually revealed that Amy was a bit hesitant about rapping to begin with -- she said it was just something she did in the shower -- but after they covered a Nicki Minaj song, Nick basically told her that she had to put her rapping out there because it was and still is legitimately good. If you aren't obsessed with Karmin yet, you absolutely must head over to their Youtube page and show they some love because they are seriously off --the-charts amazing. You can also stay posted to ClevverTV for news updates on all things entertainment by following @ClevverTV on twitter. I'm Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching!