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    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Version 2.0 - Gamescom 2011


    by ClevverGames

    343 views - Subscribe! - Follow Us! - Like Us! Welcome back to Clevver Games everyone I'm Andrea Rene here with more Gamescom 2011 coverage. CD Projekt Red had an interview with Game Trailers in Germany where they discussed the upcoming version 2.0 for The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings. Version 2.0 will bring technical upgrades and gameplay enhancements next month. . The fantasy RPG will be getting a new tutorial system that has been designed to give new players to The Witcher a slow immersion in the game. But, for fans and veterans, there will also be a new difficulty setting called Dark Mode. It will be close to as challenging as Insane Mode but you'll get game saves and new items. The Dark Mode is said to change the campaign in unique ways. . There will also be an Arena Mode that is similar to a Horde Mode where players will fight waves of enemies. The points you earn go towards upgrading equipment between rounds, so basically like any survival mode you've ever played. . The good news is Version 2.0 is FREE and available on September 29th. And don't forget the Witcher 2 is slated to come to the Xbox 360 sometime in 2012 and we'll be sure to bring you more on that version when details are released. Thanks for watching Clevver Games, I'm Andrea Rene and I'll see you next time!