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    A Call For Valor


    by Renderyard

    Police Sergeant Ken Hogan of the Irvington, NJ Police Department was ambushed inside his police car by a drug suspect who fired more than 19 rounds at him. Sgt. Hogan never had a chance to unholster his weapon as he lay there bleeding profusely from four bullet wounds to his body; the last round lodged in his head. On the brink of death, Sgt. Hogan relied on his well-honed plan to survive.

    Veteran Irvington New Jersey Police Sergeant Ken Hogan never expected the drug suspect he was about to stop on a cold, snowy street corner in January of 1994 was armed and ready to end Hogan’s life. The suspect’s mission was to execute Sergeant Hogan as he sat in his police cruiser.

    Sergeant Hogan notified Police Headquarters that he was stopping the suspect and seconds later Hogan radioed Headquarters screaming, “I’ve been shot”. Sgt. Hogan was ambushed inside his police car as the suspect fired more than 19 bullets from a semi-automatic weapon. Hogan never had a chance to unholster his weapon. Backup officers quickly responded to this “officer down” call. When they arrived on scene, the encounter was over. Sgt. Hogan was bleeding profusely from four rounds in his body; the last one fired was lodged in his skull.

    Sgt. Hogan defied death with his well-honed survival plan that he developed throughout his police career. Sgt. Ken Hogan, the backup officers and the Police Dispatcher candidly talk about this shooting more than 15 years after its occurrence.