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    "Wrestling With A Dream" Episode 6

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    Loyal Fans,
    Episode 6 is about a legacy born in the heart of the indy wrestling world, and kept on growing stronger for about 5 years until a sudden shift from wrestling to music is done.

    Let's take a look at "Elite Wrestling Action", one of the significant wrestling companies that made history in the indy world of wrestling. Learn more about EWA when their world used to revolve around wrestling instead of music. Discover the secret behind the magical transition from wrestling to hip hop.

    Watch the members of "Elite World Artist" open the book of yesterday, and talk about precious memories, memories that made history in their own hometown Cornwall, Ontario.

    Enjoy one on one exclusive interview with EWA members, never before seen footage, and memorable photos. Get in touch with EWA's own strong family tree, remarkable presence, charisma, sincere talent, unique potential, lyricist, and beat makers.

    3Angels Power Film Production INC