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    Taylor Lautner & Lily Collins On Kissing In 'Abduction'


    by ClevverTV

    941 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hi guys... and you're back at the ClevverTV headquarters. I'm your host Dana Ward and we've got the answer from the stars about which type of action scene was easiest in the shoot for Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins. Was it the kissing or was it the action in Abduction? Well, thanks to MTV for the interview coverage and the cool back and forth edit, this is how it breaks down. Taylor said, yep there were two different types of action in the movie, adding that one type in particular was a little easier. Lily revealed that the action scenes were a little difficult because they would shoot them at night so everyone was tired, but the kissing scenes had a lot of laughing from the crew. Then TL agreed by saying QUOTE 'There was a lot of laughing. We're good friends so it was all easy.' But basically, in the end, neither star actually said which was more difficult for each of them to shoot!! What do you think is the answer? And which kind of action do you want to see more of in Abduction? Let it be known in the comments section, and remember to hit us up at for all of your movie news straight from Hollywood. I'm Dana Ward, peace out!