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    Justin Bieber To Show Off B-Ball Skills In All-Star Celebrity Game


    by ClevverTV

    86 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Do you think Justin Bieber's got skillz on the bball court or what? Well, hopefully he does or he's practicing. Find out why right now. Hey hey to all of you out there. I'm your host Dana Ward at the studio and today on ClevverTV, we're chatting about JB's next thing to take on: sports. Well, specifically, Bieber is signed on to play basketball in the 2011 NBA BBVA Allstar Celebrity game. According to reports, he'll be dunking alongside peeps like Jimmy Kimmel and Rob Kardashian. Actually, I don't think he can dunk quite yet, but do you think he's got mad bball skills? I mean, he did play hockey as a kid and some peeps are just natural athletes... Well, tickets for this Allstar game are on sale now and it takes place in Los Angeles February 18th. Let us know if you think Justin can do the spider and layups or if he'll be relying on his fellow celebs to win the game. Leave an opinion right here and then make sure you go to, click LIKE and then get your JB fix all day every day. Dana Ward here and we'll see you next time!