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    Yakshiparu Part 1/13 - Classic Malayalam Movie - Sheela, Soman


    by RajshriMalayalam

    Tambi (Jose Prakash) is a businessman who lives with his wife ( Kaviyoor Ponnamma) and Shekaran (Janardhanan) and Sindhu. One day his lorry is blocked by Idumban Chellappn's men. Rajan who is an old friend of Sindhu comes to the rescue. Turns out that he is the new inspector and was keeping his identity undercover. Shekharan tries to rape Paro's (Sheela) daughter but Paro slaps him. To avenge his humiliation he along with a few more men go to Paro's house and try to manhandle them. But Rajan comes to the rescue and saves them. Rajan once again catches Tambi's lorry full of illegal lumber. Tambi swears revenge. One day Kidimban Chellappan steals Paro's daughter's chicken and decides to put an end to his wrongdoings. Rajan arrests Chellappan but gives him a chance to redeem himself. Tambi does not want Paro's daughter to marry his trusted employee and gets angry when he disobey's him. Turns out that the reason behind Paro's sorrow ridden life is Tambi himself. Tambi gets him killed and puts the blame on Rajan. Find out the reason behind Paro's hatred against Tambi. Will Rajan be able to prove his innocence? Will Paro get her revenge? Watch the movie and find out.