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    Innele Innu Part 7/11 - Classic Malayalam Movie - Prem Nazir, Sheela, Sukumaran


    by RajshriMalayalam

    Gopi (Prem Nazeer) is a new man in the village and he is given a place to stay by Radha's mother (Kaviyoor Ponnamma). He saves her from Chandran (Janardhanan) who tries to misbehave. He wins the family's heart and stays with them. One day Radha's mother is hit by a car in which Gopi's ex-beloved Tulasi (Sheela) was travelling. Her husband (Soman) is bed ridden and he is guilty about the fact that she had to compromise her feelings towards Gopi to marry him. Meanwhile Radha also falls in love with Gopi. Chandran thinks that Gopi has stolen Radha from him and he seeks revenge. Sunil (Sukumaran) does not want his brother's (Soman) wealth to be passed on to Tulasi and her child. Watch the rest of the film to find out whether Gopi and Tulasi fight against all odds and get to be with each other in the end. Watch the movie and find out how Anand rises to the occassion and saves his family.