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    When the Applause Died

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    "WHEN THE APPLAUSE DIED". The Shocking Truth About Hollywood's Self-Destructive Superstars. Hollywood's glittering stars and starlets have always been the envy of the movie-going public. With their fame, wealth, and lush lifestyles, they epitomize the "good life" we find so glamourous. Yet every pleasure has its price, and sometimes bearing the burden of fame can be an overwhelming task. All too often, celebrities find refuge and solice in a bottle of booze, a vial of pills, or a dirty syringe...and destroy their careers, families, and lives in the process. Through exclusive footage and little-known facts, WHEN THE APPLAUSE DIED takes an uncensored, shocking look at Hollywood's brightest stars and music's hottest rockers who burned out and faded away due to their own self-abuse. Spencer Tracy, William Holden, Errol Flynn...names that conjure images of self-satisfied greatness. And yet despite their fame and fortune, these stars and the many others featured in this program were unable to enjoy the fruits of their labor without numbing themselves to what should have been an idyllic existence. In an age of sky-rocketing drug abuse and alcoholism, WHEN THE APPLAUSE DIED is a sobering spectacle that will open your eyes. Then in "DEATH IN HOLLYWOOD". Hollywood's A Strange Place To Live. Sometimes It's An Even Stranger Place To Die! Hollywood. Tinseltown. Land Of The Stars. A city where an actor can reach the greatest heights overnight - and descend just as rapidly. What goes up must come down, and Hollywood's failing stars leave a legacy of sadness, pain, and disappointment in their wake. Here, in graphic detail, are the shocking stories behind the deaths of the silver screen's most beloved celebrities, as well as lesser known players. Packed with stunning newsreel footage and previously unrevealed facts, DEATH IN HOLLYWOOD documents many a celebrity's morbid demise due to suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, disease, and even murder. From the outrageous to the tragic, DEATH IN HOLLYWOOD leaves no tombstone unturned in its quest to dig up the truth about Hollywood's dearly departed.