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    Justin Bieber Rips His Shirt For Fans


    by ClevverTV

    369 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Watch the video: Well it seems like having swagger, doing the dougie and charming the ladies isn't enough for Justin Bieber. Now he's taken to ruining his clothes. The full story is right now. You're watching ClevverTV, hey guys, I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood with scoop on what Justin Bieber's been up to on his overseas tour. Following his crazy prankster antics with his guitarist Dan Kanter, Justin called upon his pal Alfredo Flores to rip the sleeves off of the shirt he was wearing, in what can really only be described as something inspired right off of a WWF ring match. The video shows off the silly side of JB that fans love, and you can even catch a quick glimpse of Jayden Smith at the close of the 23 second clip of J and his gun show. Have you guys seen the video? And if so, have you been inspired to rip off your own sleeves? Make sure to keep it here at ClevverTV for updates straight from the heartbeat of the Bieber nation. I'm Joslyn Davis see you next time!