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    Lady Gaga Braless in VMA Promos


    by ClevverMusic

    8 955 views - Facebook Fan Page! - Click to Subscribe to ClevverMusic! Watch the promos! Gaga promos are here! Hello, I'm Bridget Daly and welcome back to ClevverMusic. It seems nothing is going as planned this week when it comes to Lady Gaga's timeline. First her You and I video came out early, and still being speculated if it leaked or if Gaga was planning on having it come out 2 days early the whole time. But now her VMA promos have come out one day early—and yes there's more than one, there are four! MTV just premiered all four of them on their website, and don't worry, cuz we've provided the link for you so you can see them now! All four videos are shot in black and white, and In the first promo, gaga sings a retro version of You and I with a horn section to back her up, and right in the middle of it, she takes off her bra and proceeds to perform topless. The 2nd promo is a closeup of her face as she plays the same song, but the words Lady Gaga performing live flash across the screen, indicating that yes, she will be taking the stage at the VMAs. The next two our my faves. In the third spot, Gaga explains her inspiration behind writing music, saying, sometimes I'm really happy and I write music, sometimes I'm really angry, sometimes I'm really drunk or sometimes I'm super sober. You never relaly know why or if or how you really write music. And in the last one, Gaga talks directly to camera wearing shades, explaining she thinks art is a huge lie. She says, we sing it and we dress it and we dance it every day, and me and my friends hope that one day we tell it enough that it comes true. Pretty awesome spots, and you guys can check em out for yourself below or on our Facebook page, and let us know which is your favorite! Thanks for tuning in to ClevverMusic, I'm Bridget Daly see ya next time.