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    Star Trek 2 Production Update


    by ClevverMovies

    x - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hey there trekkies! Tatiana Carrier for clevver movies with an update on the star trek sequel. . Our pals at TrekMovie gave us an exclusive update on the status for pre-production on the project including locations, the script and casting. We also have news on the exact date for the start of filming! SO without further ado here are the trek facts! . The official start date for production on the Star Trek sequel is January 15th, 2012. And you die hard trek fans know this is over four years and two months after the start of production for the 2009 Star Trek movie which began shooting on November 7th, 2007. . Pre-production for the Star Trek sequel has been underway for a few months. It began using the famous "extensive outline" but sources tell TrekMovie a draft script has been completed and submitted to the studio. . Also, much of the design work for the film has been completed, with the team again headed by Scott Chambliss as production designer. And construction has already started for some of the new sets. Many sets and location set dressing elements from the 2009 film (such as the USS Enterprise) have been in storage and will be re-used for the sequel. . In addition to all that, ILM has already started work on some of the effects shots for the movie. While effects work is often considered part of post-production, there are many space effects shots which can be made without the need of any filmed elements. . As far as the locations...the team lead by director JJ Abrams is currently picking locations. TrekMovie has learned that Abrams himself traveled to Hawaii to scout a location which is being seriously considered for a "jungle planet." Shooting will also include a museum in Los Angeles standing in for what a source said was a "famous Star Trek location." And as per usual with a Star Trek film, studio shooting will take place on a number of stages on the Paramount lot. . And for the cast: all the main cast from the original Star Trek movie are returning and the casting process for new characters is currently being discussed, however sources indicate none of the new roles have been cast so far. . Hopefully those details can hold you guys over until we get more for you mega fans! Still no plot details, so lets leave that up to you guys! What do you think the sequel will be about? Get creative and let us know by commenting below and keep it locked right here on clevver movies for all the latest! Thanks for hanging out, see ya soon! . . TrekMovie does not have any details to report on the plot of the film yet, but it is described as "bigger" in scope than the 2009 Star Trek film. Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the news on the Star Trek sequel.