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    'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Coming To Imax Screens For Limited Release


    by ClevverMovies

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    Spielberg himself announces an IMAX run of the most beloved of Indy movies - and admits it's HIS favorite, too!

    'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' taught an entire generation of movie fans to fear snakes, giant boulders, and boxes filled with face-melting evil spirits. Now you can pass your bizarrely specific phobias on to your kids -- or your cinema-challenged friends -- by taking them to see the classic adventure movie's rerelease in glorious, 70mm IMAX!

    Raider's week-long run begins September 7th, ramping up to the September 18th release of the entire Indiana Jones series on Blu-Ray. Steven Spielberg told the New York Times that the original footage was converted to "Imax resolution, which is significantly clearer and sharper, with much more depth," while the 30-year-old sound mix was put "through...12,000 watts of digital surround sound" to create a "totally uncompressed experience." He promised no other enhancements or effects were added, and in fact stated that in contrast to his friend and colleague George Lucas, he's committed to preserving his work as is. So will Spielberg be converting the other Indy films to IMAX anytime soon? He says no, 'Raiders' is a special case because it's uniquely, in his words, "a movie of my own...that I can sit back...and enjoy." There you have it, folks: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' is officially and forever the best of the Indiana Jones series!

    As for plans for a fifth Indy film, Spielberg says the decision is completely in Lucas' hands, but he did say if Lucas decides to write it, he'll definitely be the one to direct it.

    So, Spielberg-ites, how do you feel about seeing 'Raiders' in IMAX: excited, or THE MOST excited? Drop us a line down in the comments and tell us your thoughts on a 5th Indy movie while you're there. I'm Aja Dang, thanks for watching ClevverMovies!