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    Lady Gaga Falls on Stage and Keeps Singing!


    by ClevverMusic

    239 views - Click to Subscribe to ClevverMusic! Watch Gaga fall: We've got the story on Gaga's onstage fall in our ClevverMusic report. Hey guys, you're back at ClevverMusic, and I'm Bridget Daly in Hollywood. Lady Gaga doesn't get phased by most things, which is why it isn't surprising she just kept on performing after taking a massive spill on stage last Friday night. Gaga was playing a show in Houston Texas when she decided to straddle her piano and bench during "You and I." She fell right to the floor on her back with her legs in the air, and never missed a beat. Some fans were able to catch footage of the fall and put it up on YouTube, so you can check it out for yourself. That's some rockstar 101 ish right there. According to the Houston press, right after the fall, Gaga told the crowd, "You will never see me lip-sync. You will never see some rich bitch limping through a set." Check out the footage on the link below, and keep it here for all your music news by subbing our YouTube channel. I'm Bridget Daly, see ya later.