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    Ian Harding Talks Ezra-Aria Breakup


    by ClevverTV

    216 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! What's going on PLL fans. Thanks for checking out ClevverTV. I'm Dana Ward with the latest dish from an ABC Family interview with Ian Harding. We definitely were hanging on every last word to try to get any hints that might help us know what's going to go down this season, but the big standout of the q & a had to do with love. Of course, the show's EP Marlene King has been very verbal about the relationship issues that are going to happen between Ezra and Aria and we've already seen some major related hints. But when asked about Ezra's ex, Jackie Molina played by Paloma Guzman, Ian dished some good info. He said the following: QUOTE 'I can't really say the context, but let's just say on the call sheet I'll see it will say Jackie... and she's the only person in the scene, and we're like, 'Oh, what is that? What does that mean?'' adding that she's not a filler character and that she will have a part in whatever happens towards the middle of the season. So a lot of people would read into that statement that Ezra and Jackie will get together and it will cause some serious drama with Aria... but then there also might be a little infidelity with Jason DeLaurentis as well. Basically, we just want to deliver the facts to you, so you can analyze them as you please. So if you want more stories just like this one, be sure to hit us up at for more details. Dana Ward here in Hollywood and we'll see you next time!