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    The X Factor Recap: Season 1, Episode 1


    by ClevverMusic

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    Hey guys, I'm Bridget Daly for ClevverMusic in Hollywood. The first episode of the first season of The X factor aired last night on Fox, and we have to say, we're pretty impressed with the show so far! As expected, the show focused on not only the actual talented people, but some ridiculous people as well. And yeah, it is getting a little old to see the pointless auditions from people who have no business being on the stage, but hey at least they brought out all the stops, like this guy Geo Godley, who actually made Paula physically sick when he dropped trou during his audition. Or Dan and Venita, who, as awful as they were, were so loveable.
    Ok, on the people who actually have the X Factor—which I still don't exactly know the definition of. First off, Rachel Crow.) Her bubbly personality matched her spot-on voice perfectly during Duffy's Mercy, and the judges loved her. Also in the youngen category—John Lindahl. He was super cute—maybe not the best voice of anyone, but the girls are going to love him, and I'm branded him the Bieber of the show.
    Another fave—Stacy. Hands down her story brought me to tears the quickest. She basically said her ex used to abuse her and tell her she wasn't talented enough. But when she sang natural woman by Aretha, the mouths on the judges all collectively dropped.
    The look on Simon's face says it all. Lastly, 2 peeps we're not big fans of? Siameze (yes that's his name) and See-mone. Not Simone, oh of course not, it's See-mone. Let's start of with this USC chick who's probably never been told no in her life. Even after that total copycat performance, she made it thru! I'm guessing it was the shorts. And lastly, Siameze, the Prince imposter. That just hurts to look at, but he's thru too. Those are the standout moments from week one. Let us know which was your favorite part of the show, and if you'll be tuning in for a particular contestant this season. Subscribe to ClevverMusic for new recaps every week, and I'll see ya back here next time. Bye guys!