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    All About Dad


    przez GLBT

    24 odsłon
    All About Dad is a thought provoking short documentary by filmmaker Ben Thompson. The film focuses on the stories of three unconventional dads who reveal their own personal journeys into fatherhood. The film features testimonials from Mike Armitage, who became a father for the fifth time at the age of 71 years, Johnny Lochland, a young gay father who adopts three year old boy and Roddy Gibson who endured the seemingly endless frustrations and emotions of the IVF process before exploring alternative options when striving to become a father. The three men candidly share their thoughts and philosophies on their roller coaster ride into parenthood. 'All About Dad' uses hand drawn animations to bring memories to life and perfectly frame both the joys and frustrations of fatherhood. In contemporary society the modern dad can take many forms. This film intends to involve itself with characters that can offer a challenge to the traditional father figure and enlighten us with their story of how they became a dad in the first place, which isn’t always as easy as one thinks! All About Dad will make us question what the role of the modern father really represents. This film will be a timely examination of how ordinary people react to change when the want for children and family becomes an important decision in their life.