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    Sacha Baron Cohen Hits Oscar Red Carpet As "The Dictator"


    by ClevverMovies

    The Dictator At Oscars

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    Hey everyone, I'm Tatiana Carrier with news on one of the most talked about moment of last night's Oscars. You may have loved host Billy Crystal's opening video with a liplocking cameo from George Clooney or been enthralled by the acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil or brought to tears by one of the many inspirational speeches, but the most talked about moment of the night didn't happen at the ceremony, but outside the Kodak theater on the red carpet.
    As we previously reported, actor Sacha Baron Cohen had begun a feud with the Academy and was banned from attending when word got out that he would be hitting the red carpet dressed as his character "General Aladeen" from his upcoming film 'The Dictator'. The Academy eventually relented and Cohen later tweeted simply "Victory" with a photo of himself in full General Aladeen garb holding a pair of Oscar tickets in one hand and a gold gun in the other.
    Yesterday, the moment many fans had been waiting for and the Academy had been dreading finally arrived as Cohen hit the red carpet dressed as The Dictator, flanked by two female guards, reminiscent of Gaddafi's former bodyguards and holding a jar of ashes with a photo of former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il on it.
    The moment was one to talk about all in itself, but we all know Cohen couldn't just leave it at that. The funnyman decided to save his biggest moment for Ryan Seacrest. While talking with the E! host, Cohen "accidentally" dropped the jar all over Seacrest, leaving him positively covered in Kim Jong-il. Giving the question, "who are you wearing" a whole new meaning. Cohen was instantly pulled away into the crowd by a pair of large men with earpieces. I guess you can come dressed as a fake dictator, but the Academy draws the line at messing with Seacrest.
    If you haven't seen the video, just hit the link in the description. So we have to ask, do you think Cohen's appearance on the red carpet was hilarious or much ado about nothing. Let us know in the comment section and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @ClevverMovies for the latest movie news.