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    Camp Rock 2 Movie Preview


    by ClevverTV

    Camp Rock is back for a second round. We're hitting you with the C-R-2 Movie Preview right now! Welcome back to another episode of Clevver TV. I'm Dana Ward. Camp Rock fans can sing Hallelluyah. The Disney Channel officially signed on for a movie sequel... and YES, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers will be back. Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam is set to film this summer and will be released on the Disney Channel next year. The basic plotline has Mitchie headed back to the camp - and get ready, tear-tear - a whole bunch of fellow students and instructors have deserted Camp Rock for a rival camp. And what camp rivalry is complete without a musical showdown. Perfect for us, because we'll get to see Demi, Kevin, Nick and Joe rock out as their same characters, with the addition of some fresh talent, including the hip-hopping Matthew Finley and the classical pianist, Chloe Bridges. With a new director and new writers being attached, we'll also explore Nate falling for newbie Dana, who's the daughter of Camp Star's owner. I'm wondering how this summer lovin' is gonna affect the cross-camp rivalry. Were you one of the reported 146-million-people who tuned in for the original DC film special? If so, we want to hear from you! What are you most looking forward to in The Final Jam? Let us know in the comments section below. And until then, you can checkout Clevver TV for all of the latest news and gossip on your favorite Hollywood stars. I'm Dana Ward at the Clevver studio - thanks for watching!