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    New Video My Freeview Set Up - Unboxing Oxigold UHF Indoor TV Aerial And Review Video

    Unboxing OXI-OVAL UHF Indoor TV Antenna Aerial And Review Video

    From The Range
    This seems to be a really good aerial.
    Its picking up singals from Sudbury freeview DVBT TV really well and Clacton is not a great place for freeview TV signal.
    By the window its getting at least 75% on all muxs.
    And is working much better than the old aerial on the roof which does not pick up channels 58 and 60.
    I don't need that massive one up any more out side which was by the window before that os on the old video.

    Its also getting some signal from Bluebell Hill from Kent.
    Though this does need to be plugged In.

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