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    Chris Brown Releasing Mixtape 'Boy in Detention'


    by ClevverMusic

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    New Breezy music coming soon! Hey what's up I'm Bridget Daly for ClevverMusic. We've just learned that not only is Chris Brown's new LP coming soon, but so is his mixtape! He announced via his Twitter that he'll be releasing a mixtape called Boy in Detention prior to Fortune coming out in a few months. Now as you know, Chris has dropped two freestyle tracks this week, Real Hip Hop 3 and 4, and the sound is a little different than what we've been hearing from him. Insiders say these tracks are likely a part of the mixtape which doesn't have a release date as of yet. Seems like Brown is busy these days. Between the mixtape and album, to working with Beiber to starring in a romantic comedy, hes got his hands full! We have Breezy on our radar, so follow CLevverMusic on Twitter for more updates. Thanks for watching. I'm Bridget Daly see ya next time.