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    Borderlands 2 Introduces Gunzerker Salvador


    by ClevverGames

    326 views - Subscribe! - Follow Us! - Like Us! Hello everyone and welcome to Clevver Games your source for gaming news on YouTube. I'm your host Andrea Rene here with in depth look at one of the new characters from the upcoming Borderlands 2. His name is Salvador and he is a Gunzerker. In the original Borderlands there was Brick the Berserker who could pound enemies to the ground with his fights, but Salvador does it with his guns. . As show by the art seen here he'll be able to dual wield weapons on Pandora, ANY weapons. You can shoot double revolvers or have a launcher in one hand and a shotgun in the other or have an electric pistol and an incendiary SMG. You can ramp this up even more with the new Amp elemental upgrade that coats enemies in a goo like substance that intensifies other elemental damage like corrosive and electrical. . Salvador will have his own set of unique abilities to equip under his skill tree. Like all the characters there will be 3 paths, his will be Wrath, Brawn, and Gun Lust. Wrath will feature abilites with the dual-wielding and stat bonuses. Brawn will deal with his physical toughness, and Gun Lust increases weapon stats and adds weapons like the aggro turret. . Some of his special abilities are ridiculous! Like Down, Not Out which allows Salvador to dual wield while fighting for his life, breaking one of the cardinals rules of Borderlands that doesn't allow you to use abilities on the break of death. Or the Overheat ability that will continually increase your rate of fire as long as you hold down the trigger no matter what gun you're using! Shot-gun rampage anyone? . You can learn more details about the Gunzerker by checking out Game Informer's preview coming up in their September issue or by checking out their website. I'll be doing an in depth look at PAX next week so don't miss that. Make sure to click the subscribe button below to get all the latest Borderlands 2 updates. I'm Andrea Rene and thanks for watching Clevver Games. .