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    Justin Bieber Opens Up About Selena Gomez


    by ClevverTV

    Watch Justin Bieber Video: - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Justin Bieber is opening up about how girlfriend Selena Gomez makes him feel. ClevverTV has the low-down right now. You're back at your top source for Justin Bieber news, ClevverTV. I'm Joslyn Davis with what Justin Bieber had to say to a news outlet in Taiwan about his lovely and talented girlfriend Selena Gomez. Both Selena and especially Justin have been pretty tight-lipped about their relationship, which has got to be a challenge considering that everyone wants to know about them. In a bit of a twist, Justin revealed to a Taiwanese outlet that, in his own words, "Selena is...she's amazing. She makes me really happy." I mean, does it get any cuter than that? Justin even started smiling and call me crazy, but it sort of looked like he might have been blushing a little bit too. This duo totally makes our top couple list, but what about yours? Let us know and make sure to check out the video interview, as well. We'll have a link for you guys to watch it over on ClevverTV blog -- you can find that in the story info below. Thanks so much for watching ClevverTV, I'm Joslyn Davis reminding you to subscribe to our channel on YouTube for updates you want all the time. Bye guys!