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    The Vampire Diaries: Which Characters May Die Before Season 3?


    by ClevverTV

    23 views - Become a Fan! The executive producer on the Vampire Diaries just spilled shocking news about the upcoming season of the show -- if you're a fan of TVD, stick with us for this new report! You're back at ClevverTV. Hey guys, I'm Joslyn Davis coming to you from our headquarters in Hollywood with news on The Vampire Diaries that many people are calling shocking. Julie Plec, the show's executive producer revealed to Show Tracker that in Mystic Falls "Anything can happen at any time, and not everybody's going to like it." To further this statement she added that about the characters on the hit TV show, "a percentage of them..will not make it to season 3." WOW! So this is some ground-breaking news if you ask us. Although we do have to keep in mind that this season in particular, there have been several characters come and go very quickly that are important to the plot, but that don't necessarily need to be in every episode. Of course though, we're just a bit nervous that one of our favorite TVD stars will be killed off. We would be worried about Matt in particular, but let's face it, at this point; he's one of the only human characters on the show, so maybe he'll be safe. If you had to pin-point three characters that will not make it to season 3, who would they be? Let us know and stick with ClevverTV for updates on The Vampire Diaries all the time. I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood reminding you to head over to and hit the like button for exclusives you'll only get there. See you guys next time!