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    Demi Lovato's Twitter Q & A


    by ClevverTV

    Demi's Tour Dates: - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! What's going on Lovatics? Thanks for checking out the show. I'm your host Dana Ward and today we're dishing about the Twittaspree that Demi Lovato went on in order to answer all of her fan questions about her newly announced concerts. First up, congratulations to the musician for grabbing up not just one, or even two, worldwide trending topics today, but she received three TTs, being sure to post BEST FANS EVER and #Unbroken, the official title of her upcoming cd. So bringing it back to the Q and A, Demi revealed that she is very excited for her 2 newly announced concerts, adding that she's nervous. She said we can expect a "big show" with choreography and dance moves from the star. There will be no opening act -- just Demi -- and she's most excited to perform the track, All Night Long. It will be her first time performing Unbroken. In the tweets, DL was sure to include a bunch of exclamation points, smiley faces and overall enthusiasm, so you can tell that she's really looking forward to getting out there and performing on stage for her fans. Let us know what Q you're dying to get answered by Demi and for more deets on the 2 upcoming shows, be sure to click the link in our info section. I'm Dana Ward and we'll see you next time right here on ClevverTV.