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    Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Announced


    by ClevverGames

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    Time for all you N7 recruits to suit up. Mass Effect 3 and EA has confirmed the newest story DLC for Commander Shepard, Leviathan.
    we actually had this information leaked a while back, but now it's straight from the horses mouth. EA announced at their summer showcase that you'll be able to suit up with Shepard once again this summer. So yeah, no official date, BUT it's coming soon.
    The trailer that was released is pretty epic, but would you expect anything less? According the the original leak, a rogue Reaper takes over a mining colony and you have to go in and save the day. Now I'm sure if you make all the right decisions you can get this reaper as a war asset. But, here's the big thing. EA has also announced that this DLC will include a "rift" to the ending you can get in the game. Yep, this DLC has the ability to alter the ending of the game, BUT does that mean it will ADD anything to the ending. Big difference there. EIther way, I'm intrigued.
    But now I want your opinion here. Knowing what you know about the ending already is this add on worth a 10 dollar price tag? Or does the fact that the DLC will include this so calle drift have you curious enough for the purchase? Let me know in the comments below, and also, keep it locked right here by hitting that subscribe button. Till the next time, I'm the Jovenshire and you're watching Clevver Games

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