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    Multiplayer Needs More Creativity


    by ClevverGames

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    The most troubling thing in today's generation of gaming for me today has to be the lack of originality in multiplayer gaming. With more and more war shooters coming out, the popularity of such modes as deathmatch, team deathmatch, and the ever popular domination, has been on the rise, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. However, the problem comes when these modes are thrown into games as an after-thought either just to include a multiplayer mode when it wasn't necessary, or to appeal to a wider audience of gamers. An even bigger problem arises when these modes are thrown into games that they don't quite fit in.
    The biggest problem though is when a game has ridiculous potential to have some of the coolest, most innovative multiplayer ever, and instead of making something truly amazing, they just add in domination and call it a day.
    When Assassin's Creed brotherhood came out, the multiplayer was so amazingly fun, and new, that I bought Assassin's Creed revelations more for the multiplayer than the single player. It was something we'd never seen before, it fit into the scope and theme of the game, and it most importantly, it was truly innovative. I couldn't get enough of it, so you can imagine my excitement to see just what they would innovate for AC3, and then you can imagine even more how my excitement was dashed against the rocks when I discovered that their new multiplayer mode was... domination. Yeah, okay, I get it, it has an Assassin's Creed spin on it, but I played the mode and it amounts to a bunch of people running around like idiots trying to capture points... kinda like every other domination mode.
    At least game's like the new God of War added to the standard domination mode by allowing you to set up traps at the capture points, and the melee battle arena setting also breaths fresh life into it, but you get the idea. I'm tired of games wasting potential. For instance: Mass Effect 3. HOW was there no competitive multiplayer? Okay, I'm going to pitch a mode right now that I believe fits into the scope of the game. You play one on one against another player in real time, and you control a squad of two or three other AI team members like in the single player. The game becomes about who can control their squad better in real time. To make it fit into the story you could say it's a virtual reality training exercise.
    How about the upcoming GTA game? I swear if there isn't some kind of cops and robbers mode in the new GTA I'm going to go crazy. How would it work you ask? Okay, picture this. The beginning of each cops and robbers game starts with a two minute setup period. In this period of the game the robbers walk amongst a bunch of NPC civilians ala Assassin's Creed blending into the crowd. At any point during this two minute period the robbers can choose to put on their masks and initiate the robbery, but the first two minutes are for setup, positioning themselves around the bank, maybe setting trip wires or booby traps, etc. The cop team would start outside the bank, but two designated players on the team can serve as bank guards who, during the setup period, can mark people they think are real robbers and communicate where they think the opposing team is setting up. The goal for the robbers would be to get the money from the vault, and get out alive, and each team would get a turn as both sides with a certain number of lives to complete the objective.
    You guys get the idea right? There needs to be more creativity in multiplayer. Anyway enough from me, what do you guys think? Is multiplayer gaming becoming too stale or am I just a whiny whiner who whines? Let me know in the comments, and as always be sure to keep it locked right here to Clevver Games.

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