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    Writer/Director Shane Black Talks "Iron Man 3"


    by ClevverMovies

    93 views - Follow Us! Shane Black is spilling details on Iron Man 3 -- will the next Film be a Thriller? That story up next! Hey There, I'm Chelsea Cannell, thanks for checking out Clevver Movies! We've got lots to report on Iron Man 3! Since Jon Favreau left the director's chair empty after feuding with Marvel, Shane Black has stepped up and will apparently step in as both the film's director and writer. Over the weekend during a panel at the Omaha Film Festival, Black revealed that the first story meeting on the threequel will take place this week with Robert Downey Jr, who will apparently have a more up front role in the production this time around. Black also divulged that Marvel was unhappy with the iron man sequel so they have decided to take the third installment in more of a tom Clancy thriller type of direction with iron man fighting real world villains! There will also apparently be no cross-over setup in this flick, with no characters from elsewhere in the marvel universe cropping up. Seems hard to believe considering all the cross-over flicks Marvel has in the makes -- but for now I guess we'll just have to take his word for it until Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd 2013. Weigh in on all this dish in our comment section and then check us out on Twitter @clevver Movies for more movie news! I'm Chelsea Cannell, That's a wrap!