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    Mahabharat Katha - Episode 2


    by Rajshri

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    Watch Mahabharat Katha - Episode 2. Vidur is worried that if Barbarik fights the war against the Kauravas, then the entire Kaurava race will be annihilated within seconds. He warns Dritarashtra to have a word with Duryodhana and stop the war. Dritarashtra tries to calm Dduryodhan and make him see sense but Duryodhan is consumed with pride and fury. He inturn blames Vidur for being partial and getting cold feet just before the war. Everyone is upset by Barbarik's arrival. Shakuni even goes to the extent of advicing Duryodhan of eliminating Barbarik when he is unprepared. Will Duryodhan listen to him droop down to this level?