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    Saving Star Wars

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    The European Premiere took place at SCI-FI-LONDON 4

    Though a Star Wars fan as a child, life holds no magic or adventure for Woody Garrison (Joe Urban).

    Divorced and working two jobs to pay medical bills for his terminally ill son, Star Wars is now just a movie. Only at the request of his son (Scott Heffern II) does he set off with his childhood buddy, Hank (Jim Peterson), on a quest to find filmmaker George Lucas (George Starkey) and convince him to continue making Star Wars movies.

    Through a series of mishaps, Woody and Hank accidentally kidnap Lucas and allow the script for Episode III to fall into the hands of an unbalanced fan (Scott C. Sendelweck), a murderous producer and a certain Dark Lord portraying actor (Dave Prowse).

    To his surprise, Woody finds himself in the middle of a great adventure with the fate of the Star Wars movie-making empire hanging in the balance.

    We loved it. The production values leave a lot to be desired and it could do with a good edit, but we have not laughed so much in a long time! We were honoured to have the director, producers and Dave Prowse in attendance at the premiere.

    Director: Gary Wood
    Country: USA (2004)
    Language: English
    Runtime: 109 mins

    Buy the DVD and support these guys, the disc has some fun extras and the more they sell the more likely it is they will make another movie as good.

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