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    Elena & Damon Hook-Up TVD "My Brother's Keeper" 4x07


    by ClevverTV

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    A hot hook-up is coming to Mystic Falls, and let's just say that it's something the fans of "The Vampire Diaries" have been waiting on for a really, really long time. In tonight's episode titled "My Brother's Keeper," Eonline reports that they QUOTE "have it on good authority that two characters...are finally going to do the nasty." It's an interesting way of putting things, but you guys get the idea. The site goes on to skirt around revealing who this situation will include, only noting these facts. First -- it will be a part of the show's main love triangle. Second -- this couple has a huge fan following. And Third -- The lovers have been slowly building for a long time. Obviously, this absolutely has to be Damon and Elena, right? The only other option we see is Caroline and Klaus, but while they are a part of a love triangle (or square at this point), they aren't the show's MAIN love triangle. Aside from this highly anticipated happening, fans can also look forward to seeing Olympic gymnast and gold medalist Gabby Douglas in the episode. Not sure on what character she'll play, but she did have an I LOVE DAMON shirt, so we're hoping her scenes are with Ian Somerhalder. SO what do you guys think? Will we FINALLY see Elena and Damon together or is this bound for tragedy? Give us your predictions below and make sure to come back to ClevverTV for non-stop TVD scoop you can't live without. I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood, thanks for watching!

    Hosted: Joslyn Davis