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    Anne Hathaway Interested In 'Catwoman' Spinoff


    by ClevverMovies

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    One of the highlights to The Dark Knight Rises has been Anne Hathaway's portrayal of "Catwoman" in the film. So what's the chances of seeing her take on the role in a spinoff? That all depends on who you ask!

    Catwoman is one of the most iconic and popular comic book characters of all time. Whether it's her taste for black leather, her affinity for whips or her moral ambiguity, fans love her and the complex nature of the character lends itself greatly to storytelling. Despite her popularity though, she has had less than stellar results on the big screen. Though most fans love Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal in Batman Returns the film was one of the least successful of the franchise, topped only by the much loathed Batman & Robin. Her only solo film, 2004's Catwoman with Hally Berry donning the cat ears this time, was a box office and critical flop.

    With The Dark Knight Rises on track to be one of the most successful Batman films of all-time and Hathaway's portrayal garnering lots of kudos, a Catwoman spinoff seems likely. Director Christopher Nolan revealed at the film's premiere that he would love to see Hathaway play the character on-screen again, though in the hands of another director. When Hathaway was asked about the possibility, she explained that she would love to see more of Catwoman on screen, but only if Nolan was involved in the project. With Nolan stating that he is moving on from Gotham and its inhabitants, the likelihood of seeing Hathaway taking on the role of Catwoman once again seems doubtful. Unless of course Nolan can be convinced to come on as a producer for the film, similar to what he's doing with next summer's Man of Steel?

    We put it to you now, if the stars aligned and Nolan and Hathaway decided to do a Catwoman movie, would you see it? Do you think Catwoman is as compelling when the film doesn't have "Batman" or "The Dark Knight" in the title? Drop some knowledge in the comments and be sure to Like us on Facebook for exclusives you won't find anywhere else. And for more on Catwoman, be sure to check out our Clevver U episode devoted entirely to our favorite Feline Fatale. Until next time, I'm Vivian Fabiola thanks for watching!