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    'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Blind Dates'


    by ClevverTV

    45 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hi PLL fans! Thanks for checking out ClevverTV for the latest episode recap. I'm Dana Ward and we're breaking down "Blind Dates." So where to begin? Well, Emily fabricates a fake letter from the swim scout to her mom, basically saying that she's guaranteed a full scholarship if she stays MVP and everything, but she decides to tear it up... somehow A sends it anyway, and Emily is forced to go along with the lie. But her new gal of now, Samara, totally helps out by telling Em's mom to NOT contact the scout because it might hurt the chances of getting scouted by other schools. Meanwhile, Hanna is helping Lucas win over a girl, even "pretending" to be into Caleb on a double-date and it works! H has a momentous goodbye and get over it chat with Alison at the therapist's office. I'm pretty sure that was a hallucination. Sometime after she leaves, it seems that A has vandalized the office -- without forced entry -- yikes -- and Hanna might be the main suspect. Aria has some family issues, realizing that her bro Mike has not been going to his pick-up bball games afterschool and he might just have a bad boy side to him. Meanwhile, Spencer figures out that Melissa is getting prescription meds from Wren, in order to help Ian, and Spencer talks Wren into getting Melissa to show him where she's meeting up with Ian. Hope you followed that. But before they go to the late-night barn meetup, Spencer discovers that A has purchased Melissa's engagement ring from the pawn shop and when she gives her ticket, the person gives her a horseshoe instead -- one that just so happens to be missing from the way above Ian's lifeless body at the end of the ep. Yep, it's pretty finalized that Ian is indeed dead, found with a gun in hand and an apparent suicide note, admitting to murdering Alison because she knew too much. Of course, A keeps us on our toes and we see the familiar all-black-ensembled and gloved person put a cell phone into one of the girl's purses. My best guess is that it's Ian's phone and Spencer's purse, but we'll just have to see next week. So there you go! That's the latest Pretty Little Liars recap. What did you think about this episode and what was the most shocking event?? Let us know right here and for more coverage on this show and all of your favorite shows, be sure to follow us at I'm your host Dana Ward, see you later.