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    2012 Most Searched Movies


    by ClevverMovies

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    Do any of you remember what life was like before the internet? Remeber the days when you had to read that thing called the newspaper, and get your hands covered in black ink while thumbing to see what movies were coming out? What the reviews were? Anyone? No?

    Well, that's how it use to be before this amazing thing called a search engine came along, and now everything you've ever wanted to know about your favorite movies are just a few key strokes away, and I was interested to see what you all were cinematically curious about in 2012. Here is Google's top five MOST searched movies!

    At number 5 is The Dark Knight Rises. It's no surprise that this was one of the most viral movies of the year, and was one of my favorites by far, and it made oh about a billion dollars worldwide so that gives you a little indication of how many people all over the world googling to get their latest Batman buzz.

    At number 4 we have Magic Mike. With People Magazine's sexiest man alive as your lead, you're bound to be searched just a little on the Internet. And, whether or not you were a fan, there was so much hype about this movie that you just might have searched it yourself just to see what in the world everyone was talking about. You may not care to admit such a thing, but Google doesn't lie people.

    At number 3 is one of many of your favorites, The Avengers. When you pack the punch of all of Marvels heros into one movie, you're bound to connect to almost every fan group out there, and we almost didn't need Google to tell us this was at number 3 because the movie made just over 1.5 billion worldwide. What a way to set the bar for DC's Justice League guys!

    At number 2 was Promethius. Which kinda makes sense since audiences were confused as to many things about the plot, boith before we watched this movie and dare I say after it as well....So, as the saying goes "inquiring minds want to know."

    And that brings us to our number 1 spot with goes to ....drum roll....The Hunger Games! don't have to do the "shocked face" just to make me feel better. With 9.6 million books in circulation BEFORE this movie even started production, this is no surprise to any of us that it lands at the number one spot. And Im pretty sure I contributed to a lot of the final totals here because I have a serious girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

    So, there you have it, this years top 5 most searched movies. Now, what are YOUR predictions for 2013. Which movies are you most excited for? Let us know down below, and keep searching for ClevverMovies on your search browsers, so we can make it your number one most searched movie source on the Internet! You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for watching, and we will see you here again next time.