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    Jonny Debt - "Canadian Boy" Official Music Video


    by BlankTV

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    Jonny Debt - "Canadian Boy"

    Artist city, country: Hamilton, Ontario Canada
    Genre: BlankTV

    Artist Biography: Jonny Debt based in the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario, Canada deliver charismatic performances and catchy alternative rock songs with provocative lyrics that capture the definitive essence and the innate desires of their fan base. Their unique pseudo-psychedelic approach to video production and the messages in their material, create an instantaneous appeal that is driven by universal themes and the magnetic personality of the band. The "Jonny Debt" band are road warriors and prolific song writers who thrive on the energy of live shows and the in-your-face interaction with their listeners.

    Their 2013 album release titled "Prince of The Golden Horseshoe" has received critical acclaim from Canadian music industry insiders. The first single from the record is called "Bronze", which is being promoted to commerical rock radio and the college and university radio markets nationally by an established and professional team. "Jonny Debt" is touring nationally, with dozens of shows confirming, to support the release and in the words of the band themsleves, "We will play as many shows as possible this year". Other notable songs from the new album "Canadian Boy" and "Splash In The Sun" are poised to be strong follow-up singles to the intial radio promotion of "Bronze".

    The popularity of the "God Song" and "Apple Tree" from their previous releases have inspired the band to forge ahead on their mission to write and release as many quality albums as possible and to perform in as many cities and towns across Canada, before expanding into the US market. 2013 will also see "Jonny Debt" showcasing at select music industry events that may include: SXSW and the national COCA conference which will expand the recognition of their music and brand and add to their legion of fans across Canada.

    Director Name: Jonny Debt
    Producer Name: Jonny Debt

    About The Video: Canadian Boy 2013 from Jonny Debt's album "Prince of the Golden Horseshoe". Horseshoe is my nickname for Hamilton Ontario where he was born and filmed the scooter scenes, the hockey shots were filmed in Oakville Ontario with a bunch of good friends afew BLocks from where i grew up ... Canadian Boy was Co-Written By Jangles(Bryan Benn)/SId Lundaigh/Jonny Debt, Recorded in Hamilton Ontario at Porcelain records, Produced By Steve Bigas and Mastered By Dan Weston 2013 :) SId Lundaigh on Drums, Jonny Debt on Vocals, Chris Chiarcoas on Bass and Bryan jangles on Rythem Giitar. I'd also like to give a special thanks to the bass players Brennan Ross and Ryan Dale, They both r a part of this song by jamming and performing earlier version of the song in the band B.D.S.

    Thanks to everyone in this video - Sinead, Carraig, Roisin, SCOTTY G., Brad Armstrong!, Andrew Goetz, Samantha Lafontontain, BRAD STALL(looks better then sex when hes playing hockey), CHip Armstrong, Justin Gourlay, Wayne Mann, Scott Corbett/Sam, VIncent Sciara, Stacy Lynn, Candice WIlcox, SId Lundaigh Adam Neumann and Jay Skarratt at THE LAZY FLAMINGO in Hess Village for shooting in the bar

    Artist Website:

    Song Lyrics: I don't where I'm going I got a joint Smoking
    I don't know where to go when i get home

    I feel the same every day
    I drink in Hess the games we play
    I piss the sink and wash my face
    I Turn away the slow decay

    I'm your Canadian boy
    I'm your Canadian boy
    I'm your Canadian boy
    Ya i want some

    I don't where I'm going I got a joint Smoking
    I don't know where to go when i get home

    toss the fucking shovel in Sids back yard
    will take a break smoke and talk
    I'm really fucking tired but i cant stop
    I've got to make it better

    I'm your Canadian boy
    I'm your Canadian boy
    I'm your Canadian boy
    Ya i want some

    I don't where I'm going I got a joint Smoking
    I don't know where to go when i get home


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